a new sparkling chapter

Sei Bellissimi is a project that was born from an idea that took off in 2020 and materialized at the beginning of 2021. The man behind this idea is the globally renowned Giancarlo Mancino.

Sei Bellissimi is composed by two Italian words:
“bellissimi” means “beautiful” and “sei” means “you are” but also “six”. In fact, the main mission of this project is to remaster six Italian classic sparkling cocktails, giving them a new life and combining the classic style with a touch of innovation and avant-garde.

With the Sei Bellissimi project we want to bring back to life a category of forgotten beverage and also to create something that in its simplicity and authenticity fits perfectly in this new era.



Sei Bellissimi are cocktails in a bottle, those that today are defined “RTD”, Ready-To-Drink.
Cocktails ready to be poured cold into glasses, made with only natural ingredients and no preservatives or artificial sugars or flavors.

Sei Bellissimi cocktails are the result of researches of the best ingredients, the perfect balance of flavors and of a design that is both minimal and refined.

We are very proud to say that these drinks are made with only the finest natural ingredients.
No artificial flavors or added sugar: only natural sugar from the fruits and they are 100% made in Italy.


The eclectic style, the soft colors, the materials refiniments, the attention to detail: this is the packaging of Sei Bellissimi.
Metal tubes, with chromed reliefs that remind the bottles' label.
A celebration of the Italian art deco style so dear to the creator of this project.
A stylistic choice with highly recognizable features, both in appearance and in taste.

• sophisticated elegance
• eyes for details
• materials used 100% Made in Italy
• unmistakable style